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In this digital age, the rules are being re-written. Publishers, writers, composers and producers can now retain a lot more control and generate increased revenues from selling their own stuff.

In late 2005, the owners and managers of Lab152 Media Group got together, pressed their IT provider - Burken Productions - to come up with a solution that would allow each label under contract to have total control to manipulate and maintain their own catalog of offerings using a platform that would easily integrate with most CMS out there.

SHOP152 is our own community store, to push, promote, sell, market, pimp and flip our products and benefit from the traffic effect.

Currently, SHOP152 carries the releases from all the record labels signed up to use the digital content management and distribution platform offered by Lab 152 Media Group. As new labels sign up, their catalog will automatically appear here. If you would like your record label considered for listing here, please contact us directly with details about your imprint.

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