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Let Go

by Denvil

We gave him the HSR treatment and touched this gem with an hsr allstar remix pack. Old school vibes from the former Deep Swing master DJ JD, will keep the house and gospel appeal, real, while serving the true house heads some throwback familiarity. While driving the new school into our clutches with Jacksonville?s very own, CRX/L.I.M. Project who gives us a couple variations to wrap our heads around. A nice, downtempo, throwback track that completely changes the original vibe immensely. Reminiscent of an Ibiza style morning rendition, along with some help from The Guess Who. Then he thrusts us forward to the funky filtered afro house stage with his ?make it move dub? an amazing transformation set forth with amazing results. Another stunners is the ever deep spiritual vibe session from our London boy, Nitewerx.

  • Released by: Harlem Station Recordings
  • Date: Feb 11th 2009
  • Price:
  • $3.25
6 songs/tracks • duration: 42:13

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